For Brownwood Lions Konlyn Anderson football is more than just a game.

“My brother and dad both played football for a little bit and my twin brother, me and him loved it our whole lives and we’ve been playing since,” said Anderson.

At the end of last season, doctors had to operate on Anderson’s shoulder.

Anderson said, “When I got the surgery, I was thankful obviously because it was stable, but I was pushing everyday trying to get it as strong as I can. And I mean I’m still not 100% but trying to get stronger every day to get to 100%.”

This 2022 season, head coach Sammy Burnett says Anderson’s return to the field has shown just how dedicated he really is.

“He just fought through that and never used it as an excuse. He’s done the best he can do and done a great job in recovering in such a short about of time,” said Burnett.

Not only has Anderson’s speedy recovery allowed him to run for over 12 hundred yards and 20 touchdowns, including 145 yards and three touchdowns on just 10 carries during their last playoff game, his teammates say his work is appreciated.

“He’s the best running back I’ve had. He doesn’t fall too easy and breaks a bunch of tackles and he can block for me, so I stay protected the whole time which is a good thing,” said Brownwood quarterback, Ike Hall.

Head coach Sammy Burnett said, “He’s not resting on the build he’s been given. He’s probably one of the hardest workers we have in practice. He never quits, every run he gets, he runs an extra 10 yards. He’s listening, he’s yes sir when we’re trying to coach him, he’s always trying to evolve into a better back, a better blocker and just a better teammate and he’s done an outstanding job of that.”

Anderson says in the beginning of the season he felt like he was trying to get comfortable using his shoulder again, but now he feels he just playing ball.

“I just worked a lot on my speed and agility. I’m trying to get better every day and I feel like it’s paid off. In every game just giving it all that I have and trying to get the win, so it feels good that works defiantly paid off,” said Anderson.

Now that they’re in the playoffs no more games are guaranteed. The season is on the line every week the Lions advance.

“I look forward to it all. I just think about every moment because I’m going to miss it so I kind of try and not take anything for granted and be happy in every moment,” said Anderson.