Conference play is heating up, and the HSU Cowgirls are riding a 4-game winning streak, gaining momentum at the right time.

“You don’t always shoot that well in other people’s gyms, places like the coliseum in Brownwood and to see out kids hit 10 3’s out there is really really encouraging. I’ve known we had great shooters, so it’s nice to see them being more consistent,” said Head Coach Kendra Hassell.

During their winning streak, the Cowgirls are averaging over 80-points per game, and picked up two major conference wins on the road against Howard Payne and Sul Ross State.

“Some of the issues we’ve had throughout the season have been related to confidence at times, and right now that doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue. So we’re kind of building in that area and that’s helping us to play well and we just want to keep growning,” said Hassell.

“Every person on this team has been a leader in some type of way, and bring something different and special to the table every time we come in the gym or step in the locker room. We just know we have leaders on this team that can take this team so far and be able to be great whenever we play on the court,” said Brittany Schnabel.

Forcing turnovers and pushing the pace in transition has helped bring the Cowgirls to 12-2 on the season, with a 7-2 record in conference play.

“Just playing faster than our opponents, even if they score, just getting it in quick and scoring before they can even get set up,” said Parris Parmer.

Over the past several years the Cowgirls have been in a postion to compete at the top of the standings, and this team knows they have what it takes to bring home a conference title.

“This has been like the greatest experience, and just overall basketball playing for me and for my teammates it’s just been so much fun, and I’m just really gratefult o be a Hard-Simmons Cowgirl,” said Schnabel.