The Hardin-Simmons Cowboys hosted their annual State Lineman Challenge Saturday morning.

During the season, most of the spotlight is shed on the players scoring the touchdowns or intercepting the ball.

To have a day of recognition for the big bodies on a team, is something that excites these young men.

David Navarro said, “Having the spotlight today, I think it gives us that boost of confidence of who we are. It just makes us feel good.”

Gage Stanaland said, “It means a lot, I didn’t really come in here with the idea to break any records. It’s just an accumulation of my hardwork and determination. It just happens. I’m very thankful for it, it’s great for the recognition. Very happy with myself. It’s been a long time coming and just worked real hard this summer and came out here and did what I needed to do and broke a record.”

Kileen Shoemaker won Division 1.

Dumas won Division 2.

Coleman won Division 3.

11 out of 56 teams were from the Big Country.

Gage Stanaland of Jim Ned finished with 28 reps at 225 pounds. Stanaland was one rep away from tying Justin Montgomery’s all-time record of 29 reps at 225 pounds set in 2018.

All teams are looking forward to next year’s challenges.