The HSU Cowboys earned their way into the NCAA Division III playoffs with a 9-1 record this season.

HSU was 9-1 in the 2021 season, as well, but they missed out on the postseason.

As you may expect, the Cowboys used that snub as fuel for all of this season.

It wasn’t fun being left out last year, but head coach Jesse Burleson says the experience made this year’s invitation to the dance even more special.

Burleson said, “I think it made us appreciate it a whole lot more. Last year, I think it was an expectation, and we didn’t get in. We just used that to push us through the offseason, the summer and the first part of the season, and when it happened, I think we appreciated it more than ever before.”

Noah Garcia said, “It’s really been a drive for us, motivation. We just come every day knowing that one loss is what didn’t get us in. We tried not to get that one loss year and play hard every game and come out on top.”

The Cowboys are hitting the road to San Antonio to open the NCAA Division III playoffs.

Trinity is the opponent.

The Tigers are undefeated, and both teams are ranked in the Top 10.