HSU’s Cadet wants to lead home country to World Cup

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At the HSU soccer complex, Makenson Cadet perfects his shifty moves before practice. The senior midfielder not only competes for the Cowboys, but also gets the chance to play for his home country on the Turks and Caicos national team, something he’s been doing since he was 15.

Cadet said, “That’s my family, that’s who I grew up around. Most of the guys played on the same club growing up, so we have that strong chemistry.”

Cadet got his connection to HSU through the women’s national soccer team. Ever since he’s arrived to Hardin Simmons, he’s established a great connection with his coach and his teammates and he’s gotten a lot of work on his skills at this school.

Cadet said, “It feels like home, they welcome you, they treat you like one of theirs, it’s a blessing. My coach recently said, you give 70 percent, you lose 3-0 and if you give 100 percent you’ll win 3-0. So, I just try to give my best, I just try to push myself and push my teammates so we can be on the same level.”

Cadet is supposed to leave to Miami for the World Cup qualifier late in September depending on if Covid-19 cancels the scheduled games. Regardless, it’s a dream come true to Cadet to have the opportunity to play for the team.

Cadet said, “Other people don’t have the opportunity to play for their national team, so for me it’s a blessing to grow up and play for my country to this day. I was in my mom’s belly and I would kick her belly, that’s when I knew soccer was meant for me, so I just work hard.”

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