Moving back to your hometown can be terrifying to some, but Jake Escobar says it’s exactly what he needed.

Head coach Jake Escobar said,” You know I got a Business Management degree and I came back to coach pee wee football and basketball. Stuff like that. I was working for the COOP and my boss said I think you need to be a coach and I said really?”

Escobar’s love for Comanche is undeniable but Most people don’t grow up knowing they want to coach for their hometown. Thanks to his old boss, he’s doing what he loves for going on 20 years now.

Escobar added, “I have compassion for this community and gratitude. I have a lot of gratitude for this community, and the people in it. I feel like I owe it a lot and coming home was special in that aspect of things.”

Coach Escobar instills in his players what it’s like to be proud of where you came from. After going 1-9 last season, it’s a complete turnaround. Now 7-1 with two games left in the regular season. The players want more than anything to have their name put on a gold ball to leave a legacy here. They’re on their way to doing that and he couldn’t be more proud of the group he has this season.

Escobar said, “We have a shirt that says, ‘Comanche made’, and that’s what they wear is Comanche made. I just think that there’s so many people that have been here before them that have so much pride in this community. I want them to understand that, I think sometimes it gets lost. Sometimes you’re embarrassed to say where you’re from, I don’t want our kids to be embarrassed of where they’re from. I want them to have a lot of pride about it.”

“We love Coach Escobar, love you coach!”

The players enjoy the way Escobar coaches. Even when he’s pulling them aside to fix what they did wrong, it’s all love in the end.

Sawyer Wilkerson said, “I feel like he pushes us, he’s a very good coach I love him.”

Dom Rios said, “I mean Coach Escobar, there’s no category to put him in, he’s definitely one of a kind. I think what makes him different from a lot of the coaches, is that he kind of coaches from that father standpoint type. I don’t know what the word is, but he definitely gets on our butt but after that it’s always a hug or a good job on this time but do better on this time.”

Comanche Head coach Jake Escobar is the Abilene Teacher’s Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.