There’s something that happens to you when you come back to your hometown. Sammy Burnett graduated from Brownwood and went on to follow his coaching dreams.

He got a call one day, and his dreams came true to come back to his roots and lead the Brownwood Lions football program.

Sammy Burnett said, “Without a doubt, probably my best moment was when I was offered the job. And years, you know it starts out with a dream. Then you put the hardwork and effort into it, then you finally reach that goal and that reward. Sorry, you’ll get me emotional. I love this place.”

Burnett’s love for his hometown is evident by anyone who crosses paths with him. It’s an emotional roller coaster for him to even find the words to describe the feeling.

Burnett added, “Man, you’re gonna get me emotional. Brownwood is a great community. I was born here in 1969, I graduated from here. Whoo! I told ya, 1988. Sorta set the foundation of my adult life and what I learned in the program with Coach Wood and Coach Allen.”

Sammy knew growing up what he wanted to be. No doubt about it.. A Coach… it just made sense with who he was learning the game of football from.

Sammy Burnett said, “It’s real simple, because I was mentored by the men that were in my life. All the coaches at Brownwood, I could go down the list of these amazing coaches. Then I was blessed when I got out of high school, been around these coaches I got a call from a guy in Brownwood, Glenn West who offered me a job opporunity and I was just following the Brownwood way then. Him and Tim Arline are Brownwood guys that I worked under for years. They helped map my path to where I am today. Without the good Lord, I wouldn’t be here. I’m extremely humbled that I look out here everyday and see those helmets with the Brownwood Lions on them. I’m humbled to sit and watch our coaches do their thing and I see that helmet. Most beautiful helmet there is. I’m just truly humbled and blessed to be apart of it.”

Coach Burnett is in his fifth year with the lions and picked to have their best year to date. S,o how do the players feel about their coach?

Isaac Gray said, “Well first of all, I think he’s a great coach, not only smart but also loving. He’s always encouraging us and inviting us to church and always doing these great things for us.”

Taylor Bessent said, “He’s been a great inspiration to me, just as a kid growing up. He’s been here since I was in eighth grade, so pretty much my whole football career at Brownwood. So, I just love him. He’s a good coach. He’s been a great leader to me in my life.”

Sammy Burnett is your Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week