ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Junior Laila Brown is on a roll, helping lead the Abilene High Lady Eagles varsity soccer team to places they haven’t been in over two decades.

“I mean it’s pretty awesome seeing her grow up and being as good as she is now, I mean she’s really good,” said Leah Flores.

For Brown it started off as a sport where anyone can kick a ball around, but being a force to be reckoned with on the field is what matters most.

“All we do is just want to win,” said Laila Brown. “So, I try to do what I can for my team and if that’s me scoring then I’m going to score so we can win,” she added.

“Her leading us on is just like that’s my best friend she did all that for us. I like supporting her and encouraging her through all of it,” said Flores.

Now Brown holds the status of lead scorer for the Lady Eagles. Her best game of the season she scored six goals against Lubbock Cooper.

“It is a lot of pressure because I feel like I just have to score every single game, but I mean even if I don’t score, I want to make my appearance known with assisting at least. Just helping my team out any kind of way,” said Brown.

First year head coach Tiffany Van Hoose says Brown is one of the people making the team so successful.
“She’s been doing extra private training’s outside of soccer to really work on her finishing skills and different things like that and I think that’s kind of helping her to get that edge of hey I can be something special,” said first year head coach, Tiffany Van Hoose.

And her hard work on and off the field is definitely paying off as Friday Brown and the team enters the regional semi-finals to face Grapevine.