HAMLIN, Texas (BCH Sports) – Hamlin head softball coach Jason Botos take on two new roles, head football coach and athletic director.

Botos was promoted for the position shortly after previous head coach Chris Evans announced that he was stepping down.

With a wealth of coaching experience and a passion for athletics, Botos says he’s looking forward to leading his teams to new heights.

“Most smaller schools the athletic director is tied in with the head football, you know that’s kind of the expectation at this level. I enjoy it that way I’m involved with all the kids you know from sport to sport I can be there and encourage them. I’m looking forward to the challenge,” said Jason Botos.

Botos added, “Right now it’s a little bit different because I am the head softball coach and this was kind of given to me here last minute. There’s some stress in me trying to figure out how to balance both of them and not cheat one system or the other but the girls have been great. You can tell they can coach on their own so that’s what makes us good. So I’m excited for it and I think all the kids are excited for it.”

The promotion marks the first head football coaching opportunity for Botos.