The Paralympics in Tokyo are coming up in August, and HSU graduate assistant Tanner Wright is going to be there.

This is Wright’s first time to qualify for the Paralympics, even though he’s run for Team USA in the past.

He’s going to be running to win gold in the 100 meters and the 400 meters, but a gold medal takes a back seat to his main objective.

Wright says, “In terms of trying to help impact kids and all of that stuff. that’s the reason I even do track in the first place. It’s just to set an example. I understand not everyone might be able to play football, nor is it the best sports for some people who are disabled to play, but track and field, literally everyone can do track and field. So in terms of that, that’s basiclaly the main reason why I’m still trying to compete and be a treack and field athlete. It’s simply just for them and to be an example for those kids.”

The Paralympics start on August 24 and end on Sunday, September 5.