ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Wylie just got past the Plainview Bulldogs on Friday night 36-34.

One of the more unusual plays of the night came on special teams for the Bulldogs.

Wylie blocked the extra point after Plainview’s first touchdown of the game, and then the fun began.

Garrett Allison picked the ball up after the block. He lateraled the ball back to Kenny Scott, who took it the rest of the way for two points for the Bulldogs. 

Allison said, “It flips everything. It flips the whole mood of the game. It changes everybody’s attitude. It’s a great positive play.

When asked if he knew there was a teammate behind him when he lateralled the ball, he replied, “I didn’t know. I heard teammates in my left ear, and I was just trusting it. I went ahead and just threw it back, and there it was.”

Head coach Clay Martin was asked if that part of the extra point block is something the team works on, he said, “No question. It was just the kids making a play. That’s how it’s going to be in situations like that. You can’t simulate everything. It was great effort to not only get the ball, but to break some tackles, and then to make a very aware play to pitch it and give us a chance to get the two points.”

It doesn’t get any easier this week.

Wylie hosts Wichita Falls Rider at Sandifer Stadium. Rider beat Cooper last week.