The Cisco Loboes are back in the third round of the playoffs.

As you know, Thankgiving is Thursday, and just about every team in the state want’s to practice on Thankgiving day.

Not everybody gets to do it, and it’s certainly not common for most teams.

That’s not the case for Cisco.

The Loboes are back on the field for the fourth Thursday in November for the four year in a row.

It means you are good, and the Loboes arppreciate still being alive and kicking.

Head coach Kevin Stennett said,”Well, they’re very excited. It’s always fun when you get to Thanksgiving break, and you’re still practicing and playing football, so that’s something that our kids have earned and you know they really enjoy coming out and practicing on Thanksgiving.

Quarterback Hunter Long said, “It’s a blessing. You know we’ve done it for a long time and I hope we can keep on going after this game. You know it’s just means a lot. I just want to thank my team and everybody for helping us get here. I feel we have a lot of confidence going in, we played this team last year and I hope we have the same outcome as we did last year. I think we’ll be alright.”

The Loboes are headed to Colorado City to take on New Deal on Friday.

They get their game started at 2 p.m.