ROSCOE, Texas (BCH Sports) – It happens just about every year, some unlucky team loses its starting quarterback for if not majority of the season, the whole season.

Head coach Jake Freeman said, “You know for him to go down, that was a big blow.”

In almost every case, it’s devastating but that’s not the case for the Roscoe Plowboys, after losing senior quarterback Jax Watt’s to a season-ending injury.

Jax Watts said, “At first it was pretty tough and then I get to see Jace have this opportunity to go out there and play and show what he can do. And then at the end of the day God just got a plan for everyone and if this is my plan then I’ll just ride with it.”

The team’s backup quarterback, Jace Arnwine, stepped up to fill Jax’s shoes.

Jace Arnwine said, ” The day we found out that he wasn’t going to be able to come back, we all got together as a team and I told them that it was my step, I got to be a leader of this team and I them we’re going to go get some wins.”

“I’m mean even last year Jace as a freshman was apart of our team and he was a leader,” said Watts. “So, stepping into that role was pretty easy for him,” Watts added.

Although starting a year earlier than expected for the sophomore Arnwine, it’s been a smooth transition for him and the team.

“This team has welcomed me in and they told me that they’re going to do everything they can to get open for me or block for me and that really means a lot,” said Arnwine.

Arnwine has helped lead the team to a 6-1 record, 2-0 in district, throwing for almost 11 hundred yards and 13 touchdowns.

“My line has been doing great this year giving me plenty of time. You know I give them love any chance I can get. I mean they’re doing a really good job so, just giving me some time in the pocket letting me get it to our skill kids,” said Arnwine.

Jake Freeman said, “I’ve said this team has been resilient all year and that’s where we are. We’re putting ourselves in a good position to make the playoffs and we’re looking forward to that.”

The journey for the Plowboys continue as they face the defending state champions Albany Lions, Friday at 7 p.m.