Jason Witten returns to Cowboys Training Camp

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Babe Laufenberg said, “In Stephen King’s book, “The Colorado Kid,” he writes: “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” And so it is with Cowboys future Hall of Fame Tight End Jason Witten. At 37 years old, Witten is downright ancient for NFL standards, but it sure feels brand new here in Oxnard.”

Jason Witten said, “There’s a lot of questions about what I can do and rightfully so, I think anytime you take the road that I’ve taken, people don’t know what to expect.”

Laufenberg said, “Oh, I tend to disagree. People do know what to expect, including the man who has coached for 11 of his previous 16 seasons.”

Jason Garrett said, “He and I had a lot of conversations before he took the job to do Monday Night Football, we had really deep, long conversations. As someone who knows him really well, I think that was the hardest part of the decision to do that. He loves football to the core of his being and I think it was hard for him to step away when he knew he had more meat on the bone.”

Laufenberg asked, “You signed up to coach Dallas Cowboys tight ends last year and two days later, Jason Witten retired. Did you take that personally?”

Doug Nussmeier said, “I don’t know, you have to ask him that, maybe it’s something I did. Obviously, it’s great to have him back. He’s a special player, special person, so it’s fun, it brings a new energy to our room and just excited he’s here.”

Blake Jarwin said, “I was wondering what was going on, he was in the first class section of the plane on the way over here, I was kind of wondering why a rookie was in the front but I didn’t say anything, I’ll keep that to myself.”

Laufenberg said, “I think for Blake Jarwin it’s probably best to keep that to himself. I don’t think anybody else on the plane had a problem with Witten in first class. As a matter of fact, if he wanted to fly the plane, they’d probably let him do that too.”

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