The Early Longhorns haven’t had back-to-back winning seasons since 2006 and 2007. That’s looking like a possibility for this year’s team behind senior quarterback Jaxyn Price.

Jaxyn Price said, “It’s allowed me to progress faster than where we were last year. It’s allowed us to be successful because I’m able to give my guys the ball and we’re able to run the offense through my arms. That’s been good.”

Price was given a huge responsibility as a sophomore to be the starting quarterback at a new school. Not only that, the head coach that gave him the job, happens to be his dad.

Head coach Daniel Price said, “He has done everything we’ve asked of him and he has showed up his senior year and taken the role of I want the football. Let me throw it 50 times a game. Not what I want to call every night but he’s had a couple opportunities to throw quite a few balls this year.”

Jaxyn has had an impressive season thus far with over 1700 yards through the air with 18 touchdowns.

Price added, “The front five, they put in a lot of work. I’m thankful to have them. My center is my brother, so I think that’s cool. My two guards have been there with me forever since we were in 7th grade. The two tackles have been a great addition from last year and I’m very thankful for both of them. Cause they allow me the time to throw in the pocket so I’m thankful for all of them. Then, JB, Kai, Caleb, Johnny and Cedric, they always get open. I’m just thankful for them cause they make my job easy when they run the good routes and just seems like they’re always open so.”

Price and the Longhorns are chasing their first district championship in 15 years and have 3 more weeks to make it happen.