TUSCOLA, Texas (BCH Sports) – Just two and a half weeks ago, the Jim Ned Indians faced a tough setback against the Eastland Mavericks.

Barrett Browning said, “We didn’t attack it with the right mindset, we didn’t execute properly, it was just a bad game all around.”

The 21-19 loss stung, but it served as a crucial turning point for the team.

Brayden Shipman said, “Most of it really came down to preparation, I mean when you prepare you’re going to go out there and beat somebody pretty bad. They had a great practice all week long and they came out and showed us what could happen if we don’t prepare right.”

The open date allowed the Indians to regroup, both physically and mentally.

Head coach Matt Fanning said, “Well one we were able to get healthy, I mean we were pretty beat up. So, we probably did more physical stuff during that week than we normally would because we were pretty displeased with our last performance.”

Shipman said, “We took that time to realize if we’re going to do this, it we’re going to have a successful season then we got to be all in on whatever we do.”

“We go out just every week hoping to win,” said Browning. “We certainly don’t forget about the losses, but we just focus on one week at a time. We don’t let the highs get to high and the lows get to low,” said Browning.

The Indians not only redeemed themselves after a tough loss but also learned that in this district, everyone is hungry for success.

Fanning said, “If you’re going to be successful and just like anything else you do in life, if you want to be good at it you’re going to have to work at it. They have a tremendous work ethic and they have a great attitude. As far as, it’s hard to work at something that you don’t love and these guys love coming out playing football and have fun doing it.”

As the district season unfolds, the Indians aim to maintain their momentum and secure a playoff spot.