The Jim Ned Indians sailed through the first round of the Class 3A playoffs with a sweep of Sonora.

They outscored the Broncos 21-1 in two games.

That offensive explosion isn’t unprecedented.

The Indians are scoring runs at an unreal pace, and they don’t allow very many.

Jim Ned outscored opponents during the regular season 299 runs to 37.

Jim Ned head Coach Ryan Lewis said, “Well that’s news to me, our main goal is to win a game. But obviously when you score a lot of runs, it makes it a lot easier to win games and if you keep from giving up runs, what did you say we’ve given up 30? So that’s pretty good and we’ll take that. That’s obviously gonna help us win games so.”

Blaine Palmer said, “I knew we were up there a little bit so, it’s cool to know that, that we’re that high. We’ve just gotta keep it going really. I think we’re finally figuring out who we are, we’re kind of turning on the bats a little bit and see how far we can go.”

The fifth-ranked Indians continue the playoffs in the area round on Friday in Mineral Wells.

They face the 12th-ranked Holliday Eagles.