When any team looks back on last season and think of that one game.

Troy Doran said, “I think everybody knows the answer to that question, it’s definitely Brock.

Tanner Hussman said, “It’s gotta be Brock.”

Gage Stanaland said, “Brock.”

Head Coach Matt Fanning said, “Oh, Brock game for sure.”

To fuel their fire for a new season and correct their wrongs.

Troy Doran said, “That’s what gets us going this year. We gotta come back from last year, getting absolutely destroyed by Brock.”

Matt Fanning said, “I mean, we didn’t finish that thing like we wanted to. Something we talk about, is that wasn’t a good representation of us and we wanna correct that.”

The Jim Ned Indians made it to the regional semifinal, where they faced the Brock Eagles, their road in the playoffs ended there.

Tanner Hussman said, “We had a great year last year, and it ended on a bad note and that one stings a little bit.”

It’s a clean slate. They did lose several senior led key components in their offense last year. However, they’re still picked to not only win their district, but their ranked 5th in the state.

Matt Fanning said, “I mean it feels great.”

There’s a new team on their mind standing in the way of their 3rd straight district championship.

Troy Doran said, “I think Breckenridge will be a good game.”

Gage Stanaland said, “Breckenridge.”

Tanner Hussman said, “I’m gonna have to go Breckenridge, they’re very underrated. They were last year too.”

Now before they get to district play, some friendships are put to the test in the season opener against the Hawley Bearcats.

Hussman added, “It’s kind of fun to play Hawley, we’re friends with a lot of them. So it’ll be fun to do. They’re a good team, I won’t lie, I see them going back right to where they were. So I’m pretty excited to play them and I think the rest of us are too.”

Doran added, “I think it’ll be fun to play them. Yes we know a lot of them like Austin Cumpton and Will Scott. Like I saw them at the golf course the other day. I think it’ll be fun to play him. It’ll be fun to play Kason O’Shields, growing up playing with him in Little League things and so yes we’re good friends with all of them and I think it’ll be fun to play.”

And two former teammates coaching on opposite sidelines.

Fanning added, “Two-fold on that, Mitch and I played ball together at Hardin-Simmons so we’re friends too. It’s gonna be a great game, great test.”

Jim Ned’s opener against Hawley is on August 26 in Hawley.