TUSCOLA, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Jim Ned Indians are used to ending the season at the top of the district, and Matt Fanning’s team is picked to win it’s fourth straight district championship.

The Indians are building something special, but this, they are faced with the job of starting the season with a new quarterback Gray Beasley taking the reigns.

Another quarterback has to learn the job, but the Indians are confident they can make the adjustment.

Gray Beasley said, “It’s definitely a big step, especially compared to Tate, cause he won state for us. And for Troy, he’s just an athlete, it’s a big step for sure.”

Brayden Shipman said, “Gray, has a really good arm as well as being able to run. He can run extremely well and we’ll be looking to use that quite a bit so.”

Head coach Matt Fanning said, “Well Gray has been groomed for this job for a few years now and into this role. We didn’t feel like he was quite ready as a sophomore and we had Troy with some leadership and the things that Troy does. And Gray gets us back to that square one. He kinda knows the offense, he’s been raised in the offense. He’s learned it and he knows it really well and he can execute it and function it. He’s more than ready now.”

15 positions are filled with returning starters, so there is plenty of experience to back up Gray.

The season starts at home against defending Class 2A Division I state champion Hawley.