Jim Ned prepares for Brock

The Jim Ned Indians are getting ready to take on the 2nd ranked Brock Eagles for a right to go to the regional tournament.

Jim Ned is in a good place, with wins in 15 of their last 16 games, and they are excited to get a shot at a program with a rich tradition.

Jim Ned Head Coach Eric Phelps said, "It's really not about the name on the front of their jersey or their record, it's just that we go in there and do what we do and play good hard basketball. It will be a fun environment."

Dylan Bryant said, "We're going to have to play really good defense so we're going to be hustling hard on defense, make sure they don't get the shot off because they're really good at shooting threes."

Jackson Hanna said, "We're going to play fast, play hard, dive on every loose ball, and get every rebound. Hopefully we can come out on top. Brock's a good opponent but we're going to keep playing the way we've been playing all year. "

The Indians take on Brock tomorrow in Cisco at 6:30.

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