Kate Bryant is a multi-sport athlete for the Lady Indians, receiving all-district honors in basketball and volleyball. Now, a back-to-back state qualifier in tennis.

Kate Bryant said, “Yeah I think all the skills I have carry over from different sports, and my skills in tennis carry over to those and that helps. It’s really just a lot of footwork that helps with tennis. Out here in tennis, it’s footwork, it’s really just footwork.”

Clark Moore said, “What she’s doing is not real common these days, a lot of students put all their eggs in one basket and do one sport year round, but not Kate. That just helps her in everything, not only that but I think the other sports carry over and she expects to win.”

Kate is focused on the state tennis tournament.

She lost in the first round last year, but this year Bryant is much more confident and is expecting to get the job done.

Bryant added, “Well last year I didn’t have a lot of confidence cause I lost in the regional final last year. So I went into it like ‘I’m gonna lose, I’m not gonna win the whole thing’, but this year I have a lot of confidence and I kinda know like what to expect, so that helps a lot.”

Moore added, “Just the routine, going from regional to state. Right now just practicing and just knowing what to expect. She’s in a routine she’s already established, and I think that could go a long way.”

Kate’s first match is Tuesday in San Antonio.