Jim Ned’s Xavier Wishert is the BCH Sports Underclassman of the Year

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Jim Ned’s Xavier Wishert set a perfect example of heart and leadership for his team during the 2020 season.

Jim Ned Head Coach Matt Fanning said, “He’s a fantastic athlete, but we talk about it every week, he’s a fantastic young man. He’s a great team leader, he’s not selfish at all.”

Wishert was a beast carrying the ball for the Indians running for and absurd 2144 yards averaging 7.5 per attempt and 32 touchdowns. He was also an anchor on the defensive side of the ball disrupting offenses this season. It wasn’t all about numbers, though. Wishert was always there to give his teammates a positive boost and push the squad’s momentum.

Fanning said, “That’s the MO of this ball club and this team and I think Wishert embodies that. He’s been a blessing to the football team like many others and I think he fits right in with the kids and they feed off each other and it’s been a really good deal.”

Xavier Wishert said, “I love my teammates, I love coming out here and working with them every day. It’s just been a phenomenal season. Without the help of our o-line, without the help of our teammates, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.”

Wishert was one of the factors in Jim Ned’s state championship win putting the overtime score on the board with a rushing touchdown and was named defensive MVP of the game. Wishert is thankful for success, but even more thankful to play with an exceptional team.

WIshert said, “During two-a-days, one of our teammates, we were sitting outside this locker room right here and we were sitting down talking and we both told each other we have a state caliber team. From day one, we knew what was expected of this team.”

Xavier Wishert, State Champion, district MVP, team leader and our BCH Sports Underclassman and of the Year.

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