Joe Golding and Clay Gayman discuss elements of growth

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ACU Head Coach Joe Golding prepares his players in numerous ways on and off of the court.

Sometimes, the preparation happens right in front of the news cameras.

Following ACU’s win over Central Arkansas, Golding dragged Clay Gayman in for an impromptu interview on the elements of the game he’s grown in.

Joe Golding said, “In the game of basketball, there are things that are more important than scoring. Correct?”

Clay Gayman said, “Correct.”

Golding said, “What are some of those things?

Gayman says, “Definitely rebounding, communicating on defense, and listen to Coach Tanner when he yells at you.”

Golding said, “What is coach Tanner telling you when he yells at you?”

Gayman said, “It’s usually to step up and take a charge and when you are late on the rotation on defense.”

Golding said, “Your sophomore season was pretty fun because you really weren’t even on the scouting report. So, you could do anything you want. This year when you get the ball, how may guys do you usually have around you?”

Gayman said, “Usually, two or three.”

Golding replied, “Two or three? So, what do you have to do sometimes?

Gayman said, “Pass the ball. It’s crazy how that works.”

Golding said, “You’ve got to trust your teammates?

Gayman said, “Yeah, weird.”

Golding said, “So there’s a possession or two come that guys are not around you. What do you have to do?”

Gayman said, “That’s when I’ve got to shoot it.”

Golding said, “You’ve got to shoot it, right? There are sometimes when you are a junior you can shoot it when there are two or three guys around you because coach has what?”

Gayman said, “Faith in you.”

Golding said, “Confidence in you that you are going to make the right plays.

Gayman said, “That’s the way it works.”

Golding said, “It’s great to be a junior, right?”

Gayman said, “It’s great!”

Gayman and the rest of the Wildcats are back at home on Wednesday to take on Stephen F. Austin at 7:30.

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