The ACU Wildcats are three practices into spring football practice, and they started a 12 day break today.

The offense underwent a major overhaul during the offseason, and the Wildcats are using the spring to get used to the changes.

Ryan Pugh takes over for Stephen Lee as the offensive coordinator. Matt Clark is the new quarterbacks coach, and DeVonte Danzy is the new tight ends coach.

That’s a lot of change on that side of the ball, but head coach Keith Patterson says the goal in the changes is to get better.

“After the season’s over, when I evaluate where we are headed and what we were able to accomplish in the first year, just move some things around on offense,” Patterson said. He added, “It’s just one of those deals that part of the game, and I just trying to continue to move our program forward.”

ACU ranked fifth in the Western Athletic Conference in offense last year.

This is Clark’s first time to be an offensive coordinator. He is also the offensive line coach.

ACU continues spring practice on March 21.