A team is never made up of one guy. However, when he plays on both sides of the ball and is the kicker, he plays an important piece. Kason O’Shields is that guy for Hawley and he broke his leg in the tenth week of the season.

Kason O’Shields said, “Well, at first I didn’t think I did anything. I thought I had a bruise in on my muscle or a bone bruise. So I was like, ‘Oh, next week I’ll be back’ I went to the doctor and they told me I broke my fibula and I was like there’s no way and I thought I was done for the rest of the season and I was all depressed, but I knew I had to be there for the team.”

Here we are in the State Semifinals. The Bearcats are 14-0 and O’Shields is back with 62 tackles, 3 interceptions, 31 receptions and he scored 85 points so far this season.

Rodey Hooper said, “I mean he’s an all-around athlete. You can trust him to kick, you can trust him to throw it to and on defense he’s great. I mean, it’s tough. Replacing him kicking and we’re gonna have to go for two every time and of course we didn’t get it everytime like Cisco. When we played Cisco here it was a big problem because it came down to the last seconds which is not good at all.”

Kason is a senior so getting an injury like this midway through wasn’t ideal.

O’Shields added, “Oh I was like depressed kind of . Like I was sad. I couldn’t go out there and play with them. I wanted to go to the locker room and strap it up but I just couldn’t. Definitely being on the field, I missed out on a district championship with a hard fought game against Cisco. I missed out on that, I was on the sideline having to cheer them on.”

Now Hawley is in the final round of the playoffs and the team is 100% healthy.

Head coach Mitch Ables said, “Well you know, last year we went through and we were beat up pretty bad going into the third, fourth round and then the semifinals and state game. It feels good. It’s kind of a luxury having all your guys ready to go and ready to roll so now we just gotta keep them healthy from here on out.”

The Bearcats take on the Crawford Pirates Thursday in Mineral Wells at 7 p.m. to punch their ticket back to the state championship game.