The ACU Wildcats are set to start the first game of the Keith Patterson era on Thusday night at Wildcat Stadium.

Patterson took the job in December, and it’s been a long wait to get to the first game.

He says he thinks the team is prepared, but there are plenty of unknowns heading into the opener against Lamar.

Patterson said, “I feel good where we are, I don’t know really what to expect, I mean we have a lot of new faces, new systems, everything is different. So we’ll just see once we get out there. You really don’t know, yuo’re dealing with 18,19, 20 year old young men and no one knows how they’re going to respond to game day situation until you get in the game day situations so I’m excited to watch it more than anytthing to be able to see how we do respond.”

The Wildcats are ready to go, and it should be a good one at Wildcat Stadium.

ACU and former WAC rival Lamar meet on Thursday at 7 p.m.