STAMFORD, Texas (BCH Sports) – Stamford Softball is taking a break this week as they have a bye week. The team will have some time off to rest, recover, and prepare for their next game.

The Lady Bulldogs worked hard all season to secure this advantage, and now they will use this time to fine-tune their game plan and come back even stronger in their quest for the championship title.

“We’re just going to stick to the fundamentals,” said head coach Sean Slavin. “You know were going to prep for whatever team we face and hit the fundamentals hard and do what we’ve been doing.”

Laylonna Applin said, “We’re just taking it one day at a time. Obviously we got to put in the work everyday because as you said the teams are going to be a lot harder. They’re really good teams they’re there for a reason, but we just have to put in the work everyday and it’ll turn out good.”

“I think it’ll be kind of the same as district, every single team we play we don’t take them lightly. We don’t expect to win and that’s going to be it for the playoff games as well,” said Emily Patterson.

The Lady Bulldogs face the winner of the Ozona and Miles game in the area round.