The Stamford Lady Bulldogs made program history last year being the first team to make it to

the state tournament.

They won the semifinal round and advanced to the Class 2A Division One Championship Game, where they fell 50-38, but still went home with medals around their neck.

The community and team expect to be right back in that game this year.

Head Coach Joe Crabb said, “Uh well you always have that expectation. That’s always the end goal and sometimes you graduate a lot of kids. Each team is different. We’re trying not to get too into what about last year’s team and make comparisons and things like that. It’s our own unique team this year, we’ll try to see what we can do.”

Laylonna Applin said, “I mean obviously our bar is set really high from last year, we’re just gonna take it one day at a time. We are a new team, as long as we work hard and keep working hard then I think we can get as far as we did last year.”

The Lady Bulldogs are 18-4 (2-1 in district) this season.