On Wednesday evening, the Hamlin softball team will take on the defending Class 2A state champion Stamford Lady Bulldogs in the Regional Finals.

The Lady Pipers are 0-2 against the Lady Bulldogs this year. Both of those losses were important district games, but not as important as Wednesday night’s winner take all showdown at ACU.

“I think it’s been definitely our most positive season and it’s giving us a lot of attention, and I think we really deserve it because usually it’s been the boys and their football, but now it’s our time,” said Emalee Duniven.

“It’s really cool to just know that people support us as girls and our program too as a team, and it’s just always nice to feels supported in everything you do,” said Roxanne Rivera.

“You go from winning four games as sophomores, to winning 23 as juniors and you can tell a year of just that experience, and offseason of working hard can pay off,” said Head Coach Jason Botos.

The Hamlin Lady Pipers and the Stamford Lady Bulldogs will face off in a one game playoff at Polly Wells Field, at 7:30pm. The winner punches their ticket to the state tournament in Austin, TX.