Lineman Challenge: a Chance to Compete

June 24, 2017 - Saturday morning the annual Hardin Simmons Lineman challenge took place at Shelton Stadium.

HSU head coach Jesse Burleson said at the beginning that they weren't cancelling just because of some rain in the morning because these guys are serious about this competition, and for good reason.

Linemen don't play 7-on-7, so coach Burleson put together a challenge that gets the "big guys" involved in competing over the summer. It's something he's passionate about, you can tell, and it's something the guys really have a good time with.

Clyde's Miguel Valdez said, "Well basically coach Burleson I guess felt bad for all the big boys, the linemen, so he decided to make a summer competition for all them to come around. Just I guess move a lot of things. See who's the biggest and baddest in the state of Texas at the O-Line. Nobody's really smash talking anybody. It's all just a fun competition for everybody."

Abilene High's Tyler Bridges said, "You know it's pretty cool you get a chance to come out here and compete. It gets a chance for the big guys to work hard, and do something that gets the summer off to a great start."

Teams from all over come to compete in a series of different strength, agility and yeah, linemen competitions.The guys say it's all in fun but there's a winner and there's losers.

The division three winner this year were the Anson Tigers, division two was Gatesville, and the division one winner was Arlington High.


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