The Albany Lions took on the New Home Leopards at Sweetwater’s Mustang Bowl Thursday night.

The offense got cooking early on scoring 27 points in the first half.

The second half was no different for them.

The Lions beat New Home 53-25.

Albany head coach Denney Faith had some things to say on the lion’s win after falling short in the same round last year.

Head coach Denney Faith said, “Well, I mean I just love it or the kids. You know, there is a lot of kids across the state of Texas that want this opportunity and we’ve got some kids that have that opportunity now. I’m just proud for them, the effort they’ve given for us all year long. That’s the reason of the game is to play and get into this situation and have a chance to play for a state championship and now we’ve got that chance. Our kids have earned that right and we just got done talking to them, to be happy with what we’ve done but don’t be satisfied, let’s go give this thing a shot.”

Junior running back Adam Hill had himself a night with two touchdowns and several receptions.
Adam Hill said, “I mean, it’s just a lot of hard work finally paying off, that’s really all you can say. Just proud of everybody for going out there and working their tails off and playing hard. It’s really all there is to it.”

Albany meets Mart Wednesday at 7 p.m., at AT&T Stadium for the Class 2A Division 2 state title.