Max Preston and Dusty Baker hit the race track in Mario Kart for week 12 of the Sanitizer Series, the second to last week of the duo’s competition.

Baker competed as Mario and Preston played as Luigi.

The two started off with a race at Luigi’s Circuit. Preston received a rocket power up early which spurred him to take first place, while Dusty finished just behind in second.

Race two went to Yoshi Falls. Early on, Preston was bumped by Waluigi which arguably held him from finishing top three in the race. Baker took second and Preston took sixth.

The next race was in Coconut Mall where Preston snatched another early rocket power up, but ended up bumping into an obstacle stealing his lead in the race. Baker powered through to get first, while Preston finished third.

The always gruesome Rainbow Road was selected for the fourth and final race. While both fell off the track several times, Baker was able to stay on more than Preston taking ninth place. Preston finished in last.

Baker emerged as the circuit winner and defeated Preston to come back and tie the Sanitizer Series at six a piece.

Preston and Baker started the series with Madden and will officially end with it as well.

Next week, the pair will compete on Preston’s PS4 in Madden 20. The winner is the champion of the Sanitizer Series.