Ford Impact Player of the Week: Colton Marshall

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Head Coach Mitch Ables said, “It might be funny to watch me run 516 yards but I could go, I don’t know how fast I could do it, but I think I could get it in.”

Hawley Running Back Colton Marshall has been in the conversation to be named Player of the Week virtually every week in the 2019 season. However, this week, there was no doubt. On 12 carries, Marshall rushed for 516 yards and 7 touchdowns. No, this is not a video game. It’s Colton Marshall.”

Ables said, “I think for sure he can play at the next level, I’ve never had one as skilled as him.”

Dusty Baker said, “I’m here with Colton Marshall who had this ridiculous game this past week. Colton, when you looked at the stats, did you realize what you were able to accomplish against Windthorst?”

Colton Marshall said, “I really didn’t, I was just going play by play Friday. It’s going to be a game I will remember for the rest of my life, it’s just another stepping stone.”

Baker said, “Did you realize you rushed for 516 yards and 7 touchdowns on top of that?”

Marshall said, “I really didn’t, I was just out there having fun playing football.”

Baker said, “Colton, with a fantastic game that you had, have you heard of the #ColtonMarshallChallenge?”

Marshall said, “I have not, no.”

Baker said, “Alright well let’s head out to the field because I’m going to partake in the #ColtonMarshallChallenge in memory of those defensive players for Windthorst that could not stop you for 516 yards.”

Baker said, “Wow, I feel bad for the Windthorst defense.”

Baker said, “Alright Colton, you kind of saw what I was able to do out there, what do you think of the #ColtonMarshallChallenge?”

Marshall said, “You didn’t do too badly.”

Baker said, “I’ll take that from the man himself. Colton Marshall is the reason behind the #ColtonMarshallChallenge. You can nominate people out there, I’m going to nominate David Robinett, Max Preston, Stacie and Bob at the desk as well to participate in the #ColtonMarshallChallenge. Colton Marshall is the Impact Player of the Week.”

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