The Southland Conference delivered the punch to the gut by announcing hey have canceled all remaining Spring sports competitions and championships.

ACU will have no active athletics until the Fall.

ACU Basketball coaches Joe Golding and Julie Goodenough discussed how difficult this has been on their players after finding out their season is being cut short.

Julie Goodenough said, “They had an opportunity of possibly leaving a legacy of going to the NCAA Tournament back-to-back years, so they were really sad about that, but they can go away from their basketball careers at ACU and be proud of the whole body of work. Their class really established a precedent for us. Winning our first game in the conference tournament a couple years ago and last year winning the tournament, so that class will be special for the rest of the history of women’s basketball. It’s a really special class that accomplished more than other classes did before them.”

Joe Golding said, “It’s kind of like raising kids, my 13 year old son started junior high, you have to start talking and communicating and hopefully by the end of this we’ll leave here laughing. That’s kind of what happen, we just started talking about it, we obviously feel really bad for those three seniors. It was their last chance to play in it, there’s a lot of work that goes in just to get to Katy and then started laughing and telling stories about the journey and year we had and all the fun times that happened. So, very emotional meeting, lots of different emotions in there of the finality of it.”