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Head Coach Matt Fanning said, “We play fast and I think that our defensive staff does a great job game-planning our opponents and our kids are just really football-savvy kids.”

The Jim Ned Indians are cruising right now as they head into the meat of their schedule, led by their incredible defense that has posted four shutouts in the 2019 season, including last week in their district open against Breckenridge, winning 32-0. The Indians have allowed an average of just seven points a game.

Joshua Kelso said, “As soon as district started, the midset changed. Our coaches got more into it, our players got more into it, and our defense as a whole is looking a whole lot better.”

Rhett May said, “We’re a team that has the ability to go out and compete for a state championship. Playing teams like the Breckenridge’s and Mason’s of the world has given us confidence that we can play the Wall’s and shut them down.”

And now the Indians will do just that and take on the Texas Football Magazine district favorite at home against Wall.

Fanning said, “They’ve got really athletic kids and football players that are really aggressive. Of course, you have to account for the fact that they run an offense that you’re not used to seeing in the triple option out of the flexbone and trying to replicate that is always a challenge.”

Kelso said, “We slow it down a bit more this week, we take more time to focus on their offense and their schemes and how to counter them.”

May said, “We started the year with three straight shutouts and you don’t expect to do that a lot. Whenever that happens, you think to yourself that I feel like you’re pretty good and you’re going into Wall and games like this with a lot of confidence and you want to keep it up, keep shutting teams out and different things like that.”

The Indians and the Hawks get their game started at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night.

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