The Texas Rangers and Abilene Christian University announced a partnership 10 months ago.

It’s called Rangers U, powered by ACU.

The program is an agreement between the Rangers and ACU that allows players, staff, and members of the organization to take online classes through the school’s Dallas campus.

The fall was the first semester for the program. The courses are designed to help anyone in the Rangers’ organization, including the players, that want to go to school while playing professional baseball.

Rangers’ Double-A player Jonathan Orneles said, “You had more to do, so I felt like I was getting what I needed during baseball, but also, having enough time to do my classes. I like how it’s built around the players schedule and having enough time to do what I need to do baseball wise, but also get in my education portion, especially since my parents were always big into education.”

T.K. Roby, a member of the Rangers’ Single-A team, said, “Part of developing in the baseball world and real life is finding your identity outside of baseball. One of things I’ve been able to add to my identity is a student, again. I hadn’t taken classes since high school.”

The Rangers mentioned that 30 members of the front office took spanish classes in the fall semester. Classes continue in the the spring semester as the 2023 season gets ready to start.