Cowboys new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn spoke to the media Saturday night for the first time since he was hired four months ago, one of the things he must solve is the Cowboys run defense that gave up one hundred and fifty eight point eight yards a game. Did they do enough in this draft, Dan, to fix that run defense that had bothered the Cowboys all season long?

Quinn said, “Well, I think when you assess everything, you want to make sure, you know, from an entire package that you’re, you know, versatile enough defensively to have different packages and also for the different styles of offenses you play. Just think of, you know, our league today to guys who are wide open and spread it out to some who will pack it in and run some option stuff that Baltimore is of the team. So you want to have enough different players that you’re versatile enough to adapt to any offensive scheme somewhere and playing three wide receiver sets. And so we’re going to play, you know, two tight end set. So having guys with different skill sets, that’s a big piece to me. And so and guys like we did up front with Watkins and Urban who have that kind of size to stand in and go, and then the ability of, you know, and guys like we did in the draft, we’ve got, you know, size and speed, whatever style, you know, team that you’re playing against. You want to be versatile enough to be able to say, all right, here’s how we’re going to match up and get it on.”

And the Cowboys certainly tried to fix that run defense using their first pick on Michael Parsons, a linebacker, along with linebacker Jabril Cox. And how about this? Three hundred and twenty seven pound defensive tackle Quinton Bohanna for the Silver Star Nation I’m Mickey Spagnola.