Abilene hosted a state qualifying 7-on-7 tournament over the weekend.

The Wylie Bulldogs were one of the teams on trying to punch their ticket to College Station.

They didn’t get it done, but 7-on-7 is giving everyone a chance to see newcomer Bryant Meng at quarterback.

Up to this point, the incoming junior is impressing is teammates.

Braden Regala said, “Yeah well we’ve just tried to welcome him to our friend group and get to know him better and try to build more chemistry with him and get closer with him and doing great so far.”

Hunter Hood said, “I mean, like, obviously when a new guy comes in, and KJ leaves, we’re already looking for a new quarterback. So, he’s came in and he’s been really good for us and been working out just like chemistry and the flow of how to work with everything. So, it’s been fun and it’s gonna be pretty good.”

Meng is in a competition with Keagan Anderson to take over for BCH Sports Player of the Year K.J. Long.

The winner of that competition has big shoes to fill in 2023.