Most teams have a game that turns their season around. For Cisco, that game was a loss to Coleman.

That also happens to be the final game Trenton Huston wasn’t carrying his load in the Cisco offense. Huston didn’t just get more carries, he says he started playing better.

Huston said, “It kind of lit a fire under me, under a lot of us, and that’s when I really started picking it up was after Coleman into Goldthwaite and San Saba and all of those teams.”

Head coach Kevin Stennett said, “Trent will be the first one to tell you he didn’t have a very good game against Coleman. Ever since that game, Trent’s been the guy, and he’s run the ball very hard, and he’ll be the first to thank his offensive linemen, that’s for sure.”

Huston is shining bright in the playoffs. He rushed for 503 yards, and he found the end zone 8 times in three games. He is the spark the offense needed.

Huston said, “It’s a lot of fun, especially getting outside and running for a whole lot of yards and getting in the end zone and scoring, and everybody is around you just celebrating. It’s a whole lot of fun. I enjoy it a lot.”

Stennett added, “He’s dynamic. We run a lot inside the tackles. He can get downhill and run extremely hard. What he does outside the tackles is the most impressive think that he does.”

He also is on the field for the entire game. Huston plays linebacker on defense. It can be exhausting, but success on offense helps him stay fresh.

“It is hard to play both ways. It gets tiring. I think a lot of the adrenaline keeps me going, and when we are winning, it’s a real good environment to be in. It just makes you feel good, and you just want to keep going and keep playing.”

“I like offense better. I like scoring touchdowns.”

Cisco takes on Hawley in the Class 2A Division I quarterfinals on Friday night at Shotwell Stadium at 7 p.m.