MAY, Texas (BCH Sports) – The May Tigers are used to success on the football field with several appearances in the state championship game and a couple of titles, this year’s success in baseball is another story.

“Somebody from this district is going to make a very good run and it might as well be us,” said head coach Chad Dail.

For the Tigers, this year has been an entire program changing season.

“Trust is a big factor for us, and our pitcher trust our defense, our defense trusts our pitcher and it just all works together,” said Damian Salinas.

May doesn’t have a history of winning in baseball, however head coach Dail believed in their potential and instilled in them a sense of confidence.

Coach Dail said, “The confidence that they have is not something that they’ve had in the past and I really think the mental aspect of our team this year is beyond anyway we’ve ever been.”

“These freshmen too that we brought in this year has helped us a lot with motivation and coming together as a team,” added Hagan Hester.

And they’re just one series away from qualifying for the state tournament in Round Rock.

“Any baseball player who’s motivated to play the sport, it’s their dream to go to state in any sport but mine being baseball I’ve always dreamed about this,” said Hester.

“We’ve really focus on mentality this year and these guys,” said coach Dail. “They’ve been playing incredibly well, playing their best baseball they’ve played all year.”

“I mean we might be young, but the advantage is going to be in the future once these guys get older, they’re going to be a great team in the future,” said Salinas.

But for now, they have the entire town rallying behind them, eager to witness history in the making.

May faces Nazareth Monday at 3 p.m. in Slaton for game one of the regional finals.