The May Tigers punched their ticket to the state championship. Westbrook is next, but it hasn’t been easy. They’ve had a tough matchup each week beating three straight top five teams to get here.

Coach Steele said, “It’s absolutely been a tough to get here. All three of those teams we beat were extremely physical so we’re a little beat up and the week and a half is gonna be good for us to get a little healthy going into that state game.”

And they even have a motto stitched on their uniforms, we before me.

Steele adds, “It just stuck with me, I really love that mentality. That’s what really a team is about, putting others above yourself, team first, individual second.”

Their offense is planning to come out with a different approach on the field against Westbrook.

Steele, ” We’re gonna go in with a mindset of if we execue what we do we’ll be fine regardless of the defense and having said that Westbrook has a great defense.”

But Coach Steele believes his defense is the key to their winning season.

Steele, “Our defense does a lot for us. We score off our defense I think we have like 14 defensive touchdowns. It would be nice to get one of those. But just what they do for our offense, setting up the offense in getting good field position and so on and so forth.”

And Senior Kaden Halk has one thing on his mind this week.

Kaden Halk said, “Over the summer in the weight room is the only thing you really wanna think of at least that’s the only thing I wanna think of. I don’t really care about the regular season. I’m just trying to go and win a championship so this is everybody’s dream of course. That should be your dream if your playing any sport so you wanna be the best, this our chance to be the best. “

May and Westbrook go head to head at AT&T Stadium on December 15th at 11 a.m.