The Dallas Cowboys’ first preseason game is right around the corner.

Wednesday marked two weeks since they took the field for the first time in training camp, so the ramp up to the season is picking up steam.

Mike McCarthy says the team is getting some good work done, and he says everyone seems to be adjusting to the work load, well.

That includes the new players and the rookies.

McCarthy said, “This time of year goes by so fast and just the urgency and keeping the light bright on what you’re able to get done here, and I think the reality of you only get so many fundamental drills, and you only get so many padded practices, but I think the work’s been good. We’ve been able to improve every single day, and I think, when you are able to do that through the install phase, because the eight install practices have always been the hardest practice for young players.”

Ready or not, the preseason starts on Saturday when the Cowboys visit Denver at 8 p.m.