A new face can bring new beginnings, excitement, and even a fear of the unknown. However Anson’s new athletic director and head football coach Cory McCombs has worn the red and white before.

“Anson is home for my family, it’s been a blessing for our family to move back to the area. I coached at Anson for 12 years, from 1998 to 2010,” said Anson Head Football Coach Cory McCombs.

In his second go around with the Tigers, McCombs is coaching second generation Tigers.

“He actually coached my parents, many years back. Not too long ago. They seem to really like him and I’ve gotten to know him and really like how he coaches,” said Zachary Hernandez.

With the high school careers of numerous seniors coming to a close, the Tigers are optimistic for what is to come this fall with all the new faces in the program.

“I’m just pretty excited to get back into it. I know a lot of the boys are excited to get back into it, especially the younger kids. I wasn’t expecting very much work out of them, but seems like they’re pretty excited about it too. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever had a new head coach. I’ve had the same head coach since 7th grade year. So, having a new head coach, it definitely brings some excitement to the game and everything, and weight room. I think it’s good for the school, and he’s a really good guy. I like him a lot,” said Damon Rollins.

McCombs being back in Jones County and having a foundation already set, brings hope for the future of Anson Tiger football.

“It’s really been good. The kids work hard. There’s lots of things in place here that will lead to future success that has been done in the past. The Anson kids have always worked hard and they haven’t disappointed since I got here in the spring,” said McCombs.

The Tiger’s season opener against Seymour is just 10 weeks away, on August 26th.