MERKEL, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Merkel Badgers are coming off a playoff season, but they managed just three wins. 

If you know anything about competitive people, that’s just not enough, the Badgers want more. 

This is year number three of the Will Kates era. He sees that his team is getting better, and he because he’s been there longer, Kates knows what they are going. 

The main goal is to make it possible for the Badgers to win games. 

“It’s just building on what we have and really kind of having ESP. Knowing what they’re thinking before they think it and anticipating and playing fast on defense,” said coach Will Kates.  

“Really keeping it simple for us on offense, but confusing for the opponent. Just trying to give these kids the best chance for success,” coach Kates added. 

Elijah Olivarez said, “There were some that we could’ve won, we just didn’t really play too well. But we’re trying really hard right now to get better.”  

“Our defense is very very aggressive and that’s something I think we struggled a little bit with last year, with everything like that,” said Maddox O’Malley.  

“So, offensively we got a lot of weapons we can use so we just have to put everything into play,” said O’Malley. 

Merkel opens things up against Clifton in Clifton on Friday night. 

The Badgers are just 2-8 in their last ten openers.