The Merkel Badger’s boys basketball team is second in the district behind Wall. They have a handful of games left, one win and even one loss could change everything.

Coach B.C. Lee said, “Yeah ya know, this is the second round of districts, ya know told the kids, you get through that first round. We’re sitting at 5 and 2, we’re right there at the top still, ya know Wall is one game ahead of us. So if we can get Wall, it ties us up at the top and Jim Ned’s up there with them and TLCA San Angelo’s right there. So it’s a big, everybody’s together so one game can decide a lot ya know and one game, ya know whether that’s a win or a loss can decude what happens the next game and the next three. So the big deal is, I told our guys we’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna compete, and Wall is a tough place to play at.”

The Badger’s are on the road to Wall for a shot at redemption tomorrow night looking for a win to tie for first is something these guys are working hard for.

Kooper Darby said, “I mean it would mean a lot, we lost to them by quite a lot so we want redemption, we want revenge ya know.”

The trip to Wall could also help these guys get the right mindset that could get the win they need.

Maddox O’Malley said, “Yes we have to take the bus ride down there very seriously, we have to come in the gym focused and bring a lot of energy.”