Alyssa O’Malley is calling this her comeback season. After going 0-5 last year at the Regional meet, she worked twice as hard this year and went 4-4 winning gold in Pole Vault, High Jump and the 100 and 300 meter hurdles. Giving her an opportunity of a lifetime.

Alyssa O’Malley said, “It’s exciting like i said, last year I missed an opportunity that I thought I had but I didn’t. But I’m good now and I’m just excited. Yeah, I’m just really excited.”

NATS feet scuffing

It hasn’t been a smooth ride getting here, dealing with injuries headed into the state meet.

Alyssa said, “Obviously I’ve been doing modified workouts, cause I have a stress fracture. But I’ve been doing the best that I can staying in the right shape and everything.”

Head Coach Tracy Damiano said, “Well, she’s still in a unique situation, she has stress fractures in her feet. She’s got that one that’s healing up and the other one that’s been kind of bothering her. So she’s different from any other athlete I’ve coached at this part at this time of the year.”

And no matter the outcome this weekend, this is one heck of a way to end her senior year.

O’Malley added, “Yes I feel like I have worked extremely hard, sometimes it didn’t go my way unfortunately. But like, I don’t know this last meet, I got it all at once, so like I had a lot of adversity that I had to go through to get here, but I did it and I’m here and really excited. It’s gonna be really exciting going to state and competing against the best of the best.”

Alyssa will have a long day ahead of her at the state meet in Austin, competing Thursday. She will Pole Vault at 11, High Jump at 11;30, run her favorite the 100 meter hurdles at 5:45 and her last event of the day the 300 meter hurdles just after 7 o’ clock.