Many baseball fans can rattle off statistics and obscure facts about players in the Major Leagues, and for many, the knowledge can be traced to collecting baseball cards.

We go some players to open random packs, so they could give their thoughts on the players they see. It was an interesting experience.

On seeing the Martin Perez card, Jonah Heim said, “Hey! There’s a guy. A fancy looking guy if I’ve ever seen one. Look at that guy. A singer if you didn’t know. A singer. Go look him up singing the Venezuelan national anthem.”

Taylor Hearn had Ezequiel Duran in his pack. He said, “The first time I seen him play he hit a home run. And honestly, I just love the way he plays. When he came in his energy and enthusiasm is just great.”

Nathaniel Lowe had a pack of players from other team, and he let his thought be known. Lowe said, “Mets. Barf. Royals. Also barf. But in the nice way ya know. Like we compete against these guys. A respectful barf. It’s not the Rangers.”

Lowe then found an Alex Bregman card, and he let folks know how he felt about the Astros saying, “Stars of the MLB. Alex Bregman. I like picking at him at first base. But, ya know, he plays at Houston so whatever.

If you were a former Ranger, Lowe was a little easier on you. Here’s what he said about finding Yu Darvish’s card, “And then you’ve got Darvish, a former Rangers pitcher so how about that. Yeah, cool! That’s my pack.”

Robbie Grosmman’s pack included Lowe, and he was happy to see him. He said, “This guy is a stud. Now a teammate. A Silver Slugger.”

The Rangers are getting to closer spring training. They open the 2023 season in Arlington on March 30 against the Philadelphia Phillies.