Mickey Spagnola breaks down Cowboys loss to Jets

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Mickey Spagnola said, “Well another two-point loss for the Cowboys, it’s their second two-point loss in this three-game losing streak. Jets 24, Cowboys 22 and they just couldn’t quite overcome all the things they had to overcome in this game. They couldn’t quite overcome not having their starting two offensive tackles in the game. They couldn’t overcome losing two of their top three cornerbacks in the game. They couldn’t overcome losing their top wide receiver, Amari Cooper, one of the best receivers in the game. And they couldn’t overcome giving up three touchdowns to the Jets in the first half, that’s the most points the Jets have scored in any of their first four games. They certainly couldn’t overcome Sam Darnold throwing for 338 yards in this game. Most of all, they brought it right down to the end and couldn’t quite get in that 2-point conversion to try to tie it up. Witten got hit at the last minute, couldn’t get the ball there. They couldn’t overcome that 30 second series there when they didn’t pick up the 4th and 2 from the 7 and then gave up the 92-yard touchdown. The Cowboys are sitting at 3-3 and boy do they need a win next week against the Eagles. For the Silver Star Nation, I’m Mickey Spagnola here at Metlife Stadium.”

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