Mickey Spagnola breaks down Cowboys loss


Mickey Spagnola said, “Well if you thought the loss to Carolina was bad, this one might have been worse. Seattle 24, Cowboys 13 and it wasn’t even that close. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was sacked five times, he was hit another two times. He had two passes tipped for interceptions and the Cowboys lost a fumble. That’s three turnovers, that’s no way to win when you go on the road here at Centurylink Stadium, dropping the Cowboys record to 1-2.”

Spagnola said, “The one that was similar to the Carolina loss other than that the Cowboys could not protect Dak Prescott, they only score one touchdown so in their two losses they’ve scored two touchdowns. The offense has to play better if they expect to go on the road and be able to win games. That’s four touchdowns in just two games, if the offense can’t play better than that, the Dallas Cowboys are going to have a hard time winning games. For the Silver Star Nation, I’m Mickey Spagnola here at Centurylink Field.”

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