The Jim Ned Indians ended their 2021 season 12-1, but teams that do that well don’t usually loose their first three games the next year. The Indians did.

“Every day we come to practice we want to get a little bit better and every week we play we want to be better than the week before,” said head coach Matt Fanning.

With the cliché of “practice makes perfect”, it’s helped them overcome their rocky 0-3 start on the season to their current three game win streak.

“Losing a lot of guys last year you know Xavier, Conner Fitzgerld, Nate, a bunch of those guys it made a big difference, we didn’t think it would, but it did and it’s coming together now,” said Tanner Hussman.

“We had some misfortune early in the season with a lot of injuries and we were able to get some guys healthy, well some of them and others who we’re not getting back, and so we had some of our younger guy’s kind of grow up through this process and done a good job,” said coach Fanning.

It’s not just the fact that they loss players, the Indians lost leaders. It took a while but the leaders for the 2022 team stepped up.

“Leadership is a big part of our team, coming out here with a better mindset was a big part of it too. We decided that we wanted it more than we have, and we got some guys back that are helping us out a lot,” said Maddox Cooper.

“We’ve got some guys that’ve played a lot of football games for us that have had a lot of success, but they’ve never really been in the forefront, some of our older guys like Tanner, Maddox, and Troy. Some of those guys are leading us through the process,” said coach Fanning.

The process has led to three straight wins but the Jim Ned players want more than that.

“We don’t want to go out as an ok team we want to go out as that team, not the ok team that team of 2023,” said Hussman.

The Indians face the Clyde Bulldogs Friday at 7:00 P.M.